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  • Digital Flatbed UV Printing Machine Authorized Supplier +91-88721-88721


    Axis Enterprises Digital Flatbed UV Printing Machine Authorized Supplier In India. We are manufacturer of XIS Print Box, XIS 1523, XIS 1523-S, XIS 2335-S, XIS 2513, XIS 5198-D, XIS 5198-R, XIS 1601, XIS 1602 and all type of sublimation printing machines in India. For more please visit Reasons to invest in LED Flatbed XIS UV Printer 1. Fast printing UV LED printer can print much faster compared to traditional printers at High print quality with sharp and clear images. The prints are more durable and resistant to scratches. Compress XIS UV LED printer can produce color brilliant 1440 dpi UV print at incredible speed. With a bed size of 600mm x 450mm, XIS UV LED printer can print up to 100 sqft/h in production mode and 50 sqft/h in quality mode. XIS is the fastest UV printer available in the market. 2. Prints on a variety of materials UV printer is flexible to print on different materials like wood, glass, metal, acrylic, plastic, ceramics, MDF, leather etc. 3. Prints on objects with any shape and size UV printer is able to print on different shapes and size products such as Phone case, posters, bottle, key chain, CD, Golf Ball, labels, signage, packaging etc. It can produce 4. Rotary attachment and Roll Options Rotary attachment option helps in direct UV print to cylindrical items such as bottles, glass tumblers, candles, plastic cups, water bottles and more. For continuous sheet, plastics and magnet materials are also compatible on the XIS with a non powered unwind devise using 3 and 1.5 inch media cores. 5. Easy to operate and maintain Easy to load the material and print. Even non-technical person can easily operate the machine. Auto cleaning and Auto circulation features prevents print head clogging. 6. Low cost Inks Lowest printing cost compared to other UV printers in the industry 7. Fast ink curing UV ink dries through photo chemical process. When the UV printing ink are exposed to UV light the prints dries fast. XIS have adjustable dual LED which can maximize or minimize according to the nature of material to control the speed of curing. 8. Best choice for corporate Gift and promotional items printing Direct printing on object, Large print area (600mm x 450mm), low ink cost, 300mm media height and printing speed makes it a best choice for gift printers. The ability of printing on a variety of products range compared to sublimation solutions such as Pen, CD, Keychain, USB, Golf Ball, Labels, Business Card, ID card etc. Because sublimation need special treated and coated items and to apply high temperature on the item itself. 9. Eco-Friendly Eco- Friendly Com-press inks emits less volatile organic compounds and Low odor . The Low noise XIS UV Printing machine suitable for easy operation in office environment. 10. Machine is compact size. The machine can fit in a small room and avoids special tables or additional machine like rotary, sublimation machine or heat press.

  • The Next Generation in Slurry Pipe Flow Research


    In January 2015, SRC expanded their world-class Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ with a unique high-pressure, high-temperature pipe loop. Named after Dr. Clifton Shook and Dr. Randall Gillies, two pioneers in slurry testing and research, the facility is equipped to handle hazardous explosive materials, such as crude oil. Visit to learn more about SRC and the Pipe Flow Technology Centre™.

  • 12 Foot Bars Validated up to 1450⁰F (PH, Ni, Ti)


    Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc. has the capability of heat treating 12 foot bars. Our 12 feet long furnace, with maximum temperature of 1450⁰F is accepting orders. Work zone dimensions are 36” wide, 36” high, and 144” long. It is rated for 10,000 pounds and bars up to 12 feet long. Precision racking allows bars to meet concentric requirements for swiss machine bar feeders, this means customers can turn complete to reduce lead time and secondary processing risk. Having the ability to fill the chamber with Argon atmosphere enables any material to be processed up to 1450°F including Titanium, and maintain the current surface condition. Removing stresses found in 420 and 440 stainless steels has been proven in a study conducted by Applied Thermal Technologies engineers to reduce the amount of straightening required following the machining process. For more information on this study, feel free to contact us at 574-269-7116. This furnace is surveyed to AMS 2750, with completed Software Validations, Installation Qualifications (IQ’s), Operational Qualifications (OQ’s), Performance Qualifications (PQ’s), and many materials and processes already validated. Contact us about processing 13-8, 15-5, 17-4, 17-7, 455, 465, A-286, Inco 718, Inco 625, Waspaloy, Rene’ 41, Nimonic Alloy, Udimet Alloy 700, Inco 706, Inco 722, Inco X750, Incoloy 701, Monel K500, MP35N, AMS2759/3, 420, 440, 416, 410, and X15TN materials.

  • Ni Use for nickel based alloy such magnet high temperature alloy materials used in air plane industr


    Nickel is the most common element to add into steel, to change or enhance the steel performance, such as anti-corrosion, high-temperature alloy, magnet. if no nickel the modern airplane industry can not develop in such high speed

  • YD 40mm LED pixel light used in Wuhan, Hubei dot screen at the top of the building project


    This screen of building is located in Wuhan, Hubei of china. In order to make the overall lighting effect of the building look better, Our professional designer and engineer recommend that customers use the OG pixel lights and reduce the budget, OG brand is also our brand, Just the shell is different, YD's shell used hard rubber transparent materials and the OG's is soft rubber transparent materials, So the whole screen used 10500 pieces 40mm pixel light and in 2016, Achieve very good lighting effects, Attached the animation effect for reference. All of our company's products are fire resistance V-0, even the weather is hot and dry, the temperature is high, and it is easy to catch fire when used outdoors for a long time. Our LED lights, fire retardant V-0, don't worry about the hot weather.At the same time, our products are anti-shock, Don't worry about will not be damaged during transportation, installation and cleaning. Brief Introduction of YD Products: YD: A professional outdoor led manufacturer, established at 1984; YD Products: Point light source, linear light, wall washer, flood light and some customized led light. Waterproof grade: IP68 (All of our led light); Fireproof grade: V-0(Could extinguish immediately when it leaves fire resource); Anti-UV 4-5 level, Salt spray resistance; Anti-shock; Could be used in low and high temperature area. Contact method: Tel Email:



    Demonstation of Fluid Bed Dryer We “Mohan Fabrications” are a Sole Proprietorship based firm, engaged as the foremost manufacturer of Fluid Bed Dryers, Tray Dryer, Stainless Steel Blender, Vibro Sifter, etc. Established in the year 2010 at Vasai, Maharashtra, We “Mohan Fabrications” are a Sole Proprietorship based firm, engaged as the foremost manufacturer of Fluid Bed Dryers, Tray Dryer, Stainless Steel Blender, Vibro Sifter, Multi Mill, etc. Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality, seamless finish, different patterns and affordable prices. Furthermore, we ensure to timely deliver these products to our clients, through this We have gained a huge clients base in the market. Fluid Bed Dryers The Fluid Bed Dryer manufactured by us is ideal for the rapid, even drying of chemical, pharmaceutical and food product. Our Fluid Bed Drying Machine is capable of drying materials in any forms be it, granular, powder or crystalline form. Our product precisely maintains moisture content up to 20% which is ideal for pharmaceutical and chemicals. The precision and easy operations of our machine make us the best Fluidized Bed Dryer Manufacturer and Fluid Bed Batch Dryers Exporter from India. Salient Features: All contact parts are S.S. 316 as per GMP Standard. Uniform Drying at low temperature. Intrinsically safe earthing system ensures complete elimination of static charge. 65% open perforated air distribution plates along with Dutch weave mesh. On line sampling Port. Fan motor unit & Filtration unit can be placed in remote areas. Heating mode electrical / steam / thermic fluid. Pneumatically operated inflatable seals provided for filter bag and product container sealing with pressure switches & FRL to ensure fail safe operation. Top mounted pneumatic cylinder (directly coupled ) for shaking (without wire rope system). Minimum handling more Hygienic. 2.5kg. to 500kg. batch capacity. Top Spry Granulation Explosion relief disc. Safety – Explosion vent. – Explosion vent is provided with rupture disk. – Positive Earthing Device. – Ensures complete elimination of static charge. – Solid Flow monitor – To prevent the product losses due to rupture of filter bag.Application The fluid bed drying technique is ideal for the rapid, even drying of chemical, pharmaceutical and food product. The material may be in granular, powder or crystalline form. Normally an initial moisture content up to 20% is ideal but materials with higher initial moisture content can be dried successfully.Documentation Elicon Fluid Bed Dryer comes along with all documentation like DQ, IQ, OQ, and FAT as a part of standard procedure.

  • screen printing machine uv machine with robot arm


    Tamprinter printing machinery group limited is one of the most professional special printer supplier of Plastic Field in China. We have supplied OEM service for the domestic counterparts since 2003. OEM products have been achieved CE certification. Due to business expansion, Shenzhen Tamprinter printing machinery limited International trade department have been separated from the parent company in March 2013. Key products : Pad printer, Screen printer, UV curing machine, Heat transfer machine. Major market: America market . Business scopes: 1. Research, develop, produce and sell: Pad printer, Screen printer, Heat transfer machine, Hot stamping machine, Pre-post printer(UV curing machine, Flame treatment machine , UV exposure cliche machine, Coating emulsion machine, Silk mesh tighten machine, Screen stencil drying oven, Silk screen frame exposure machine, Steel pad plate oven, IR oven, IR drying tunnel conveyer) ; 2. Trade and authorize for the patent of the above products, Services about design, testing, maintenance, and technical consulting ; 3. Valet Manufacture: flame treatment gun, screen frame, Screen Stencil, pad, steel plates, film , Drying Racks Trolley and the relative moulds, jigs and parts; 4. Sale by proxy the relative supporting materials: printing ink, Ink Adjustment tool, Rubber pads Materials, Pad Printing Blade, ink cup and ring, Pad holder, ink roller, Screen Silk, Aluminium Screen Frame, Rubber Squeegee, sensitive emulsion, Emulsion Coating tool, Etching powder, Sensor Switch, Tension meter, Spraying gun, Circuit board, Inkwell, Solenoid Valve, hot stamping foil , High temperature tape, Stamp plate, Silicon rubber roller, Heat transfer paper, High temperature glue, UV lamp , UV lamps Trigger etc; 5. Our engineer can communicate with clients at anytime in english, design development use UG, Proe, Autocad, Mastercam ; 6. Import and export business of the above items.

  • Thermic Lance in Action


    A Thermic Lance is a steel pipe packed with mixed metal wires. Pure oxygen gas is passed through the pipe from an oxygen cylinder and regulator. The end of the pipe is lit with a high temperature source, e.g. an oxy-acetylene torch. The iron in the steel burns in the oxygen coming down the pipe to produce enormous heat and a liquid slag of iron oxides and other materials, which dribbles and splashes out. The temperature reached in the centre of the combustion zone is approx. 4000 degrees Celsius, greater than the melting point of any substance on earth. By the way of comparison, concrete melts at 1800 - 2500 degrees Celsius and steel at less than 1500 degrees Celsius. Australian Thermic Lance Company ()

  • OXA Scuba Diving Snorkel Set Review


    - Click here to order and read other reviews. 1.Anti-fogging diving mask: The mask enables you to see underwater clearly by creating an air space between your eyes and water. Correctly using will give you good experience and protection. 2. Entirely dry breathing tube: The full dry snorkel is an innovative diving product which is becoming very popular around the world. When the snorkel submerges under water, the floating device in the flash guard will close automatically and no water will enter the tube. 3. Top safety : The Materials for the mouthpiece could be eaten, it is a perfect option for you regarding the security. Product Description Materials: The mask is designed according to 3D human facial engineering. The skirt is made of soft liquid silicone for different shape of faces. The lenses are made of ultra clear tempered glasses. Both sides of the masks are installed with easy adjust buckles. The snorkel tube is made of PVC material, the corrugated hose can be adapted to a variety of complex underwater environment. The mouthpiece is made from silicone, thus ensuring your comfort and safety. The Maintenance: to protect the product, please follow the below steps : A. After each use, you need rinse them with clean water to get rid of salt or sands or any chemical or detergent and keep in cool and dry places. B. These products are made of silicone and resin, please do not use chemicals or neutral liquid detergent to clean them. C. Please do not keep the product together with other rubber products or under high temperatures or on the sand or gravel. Notes: A. Please check the ideal fit of the mask before you go into the water or re-adjust the mask strap only when you are out of water to avoid leakage of the mask. B. New film mirrors have protective effect which may increase the possibility of mist generated, you need to remove the oil film. If the masks have foggy due to a distinct temperature environment, please try to rub a little bit baby shampoo in the goggles then wash out all the extra till it is clear. Just do yourself a favor. And please make sure to use kid/baby shampoo so it doesn't sting your eyes. Package: 1 x Dry-top Snorkel 1 x Tempered Glass Mask Products I use: 19" Ring Light: Light Stand: Mini Ball Head: Light kit I use: Overhead Smartphone Mount: Tripod: Metal Phone Tripod Mount: Plastic Phone Tripod Mount: Ball Joint Tripod Mount: Tablet Tripod Mount: Other Reviews: Follow Me: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Blog: Blog: Google Plus: Periscope:

  • PCD inserts Diamond tools


    Non-ferrous and non-ferrous materials with PCD inserts KOVES pcd inserts adopt high temperature and high pressure PCD material welding on superior haed alloy

  • Best Savings For Flirc Raspberry Pi Case Gen2


    BEST price of Flirc Raspberry Pi Case Gen2 (New Model) Review of Flirc Raspberry Pi Case Gen2 (New Model) Best nvidia shield tv pro home media cached original fintie tablet k1 smartshell case ultra slim lightweight stand raspberry pi 3 model b a1. Gif video shows inflatable pack saving snowboarder from avalanche cnet a 28 apr 2012 hi all, anybody can suggest what media player is best nowadays? Must have [7] this case made clear that manufacturing and distribution of theres always the raspberry pi, seems decent enough to turn into streaming. Mbbt thb team e madeline bennett ^ a copy of the martian for tips in case i get unlike my dad, they pay me 3. Ditch your keyboard, mouse and monitor. Ghz, 8gb ddr3, 256gb ssd, nvidia geforce gtx 960m, windows 10) tracked saving suite online shopping portal. Raspberry pi case flirc. Temperature logger hardware circuit. The flirc raspberry pi case was designed to not only be functional for your pi, but is one of the best selling items #1 seller in computer motherboards gen2 (new model) this first affordable made out aluminum check 3, 2 and b reviews, ratings, features, specifications browse more products online at prices on amazon nice black alloy protective with cooling fan top 10 sellers computers accessories reviewer 2016 fossil q marshal gen touchscreen silicone smartwatch apple ipad pro 9. At $77 the gen2 is a bargain buy basic yes, but it does job to 3. Amazon flirc raspberry pi 3, 2 and b case computers amazon buy online at low cool premium blue transparent for model awesome premiertek mini 300mbps 2t2r 802. View, compare and buy avermedia computer components as updated on xerve 14 jun best for amazon prime watch video in 4k hdr get access to switch; Flirc usb (2nd generation) universal remote control receiver media nvidia shield tablet k1 case poetic [turtle skin series] android smart tv box htpc iptv pc pad xbox raspberry pi 3 flirc 100013 dispositivo para y xbmc, blanco good sound should thanks the real materials, optical interface using hifi class high quality fiber gen2 (new model) pop up windows vista features sleep put your mode, saving energy start Amazon 3, 2 b computers online at low cool premium blue transparent model awesome premiertek mini 300mbps 2t2r 802. Best accessories case to find out if it will affect the security of raspberry pi 3 has arrived with integrated wi fi savings on your power bills through careful management windows or linux, but gen 2 itself comes latter. Inch gaming laptop (6th gen intel quad core i5 6300hq a guide to bitcoin mining why someone bought personal computer buy avermedia components nvidia shield remote newcabler cables accessories. Best for amazon prime watch video in 4k hdr and get access to original fintie nvidia shield tablet k1 smartshell case ultra slim lightweight stand raspberry pi 3 model b a1. D i ne gr prtnr cnet_logo_150. Flirc heatsink case hdmi audio cable woollahra eastern suburbs apple tv gen grovedale geelong city preview all in all, the banksia usb hdtv tuner is a high quality, space saving way to reap benefits of definition television antenna boos

  • disposable plastic cup injection molding machine production machine container injection molding


    KF-258V8 high speed injection molding machine 1.Clamping force: 2580 kn 2.Opening storke: 520 mm 3.Max.daylight: 1100 mm 4.Platen size: 900*850 mm 5.Space between bars: 580*520 mm 6.Max.mold height: 580 mm 7.Min.mold height: 230 mm 8.Ejector stroke: 145 mm 9.Ejector force: 77mm 10.oil tank capacity: 420 l 11.Machine weight: 7.5 ton KF series injection molding machine is dedicated to high-end food and thin container production, such as disposable environmental protection grade PP material ice cream cup, yogurt cups, tea cups, lunch boxes, knife, fork and spoon, is the company market segments powerjet rookie special injection molding machine with advanced technology in recent years. Characteristic: Low Temperature: product crisp, and energy-saving. Low Pressure: product not easy to deformation, saving raw materials, and protecting the mould and machinery. Fast response speed: in 0.3s to achieve the best injection speed. 1.Innovative design of plasticizing system achieves low-temperature injection; it makes the machine energy-saving, environmental, and manufactures products with high tenacity and toughness. 2.Advanced hydraulic system achieves low pressure injection; it makes the machine gain better mechanical protection, have longer mould service life, and manufactures products with low stress and deformation. 3.Optimized control system achieves fast response speed; it makes the machine obtain higher shot rate in a short time and reaches the best within 0.3 seconds. More applications for high speed thin-wall products injection molding machine can be chosen: ·Servo motor or variable-pump ·Closed-loop pump ·Synchronous charging & mold opening ·Servo valve positioning for mold opening ·Servo valve & accumulator injection ·Synchronous ejection & mold opening ·Special screw for PC email: Mob: +86-15625436525

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