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  • shijiazhuang city xinsheng chemical co.,ltd

  •  [Hebei,China]
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  • Main Mark: Africa , Asia , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe
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shijiazhuang city xinsheng chemical co.,ltd

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Established in 1993 and with a floor area of 10,000 sq. meters including a construction area of 4,000 sq. meters, Shijiazhuang Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (Xinsheng Chemical) is a professional chemical producer of Zinc Phosphate series, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Hydrate, Condensed Aluminum Phosphate, etc. It is located 35km away from Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province to the north and very close to No. 107 National Highway, which provide it special traffic convenience. Taking advantage of substantial technical force, abundant production experiences, superior laboratory equipment, sophisticated laboratory instruments and an advanced chemical synthesis production line, Xinsheng...

Categories and Products

Zinc Phosphate Series

O-level Zinc Phosphate

Zinc phosphate Antirust Pigments 45% zinc content zinc phosphate for oil paint fineness zinc phosphate(1000 mesh) Common ZINC PHOSPHATE(325 mesh) 45% zinc content zinc phosphate cement zinc phosphate epoxy primer powder epoxy zinc phosphate application O_level Zinc phosphate for acid-resistant paint O-LEVEL ZINC PHOSPHATE weather resistant paint for metal O-LEVEL ZINC PHOSPHATE weather resistant paint for metal Anti-corrosion Pigment O-LEVEL ZINC PHOSPHATE Anti-corrosion Pigment Zinc phosphate 0-level zinc phosphate for paste paint O-Level Zinc Phosphate zinc phosphate Anticorrosive Pigments Paint additives and coating additives zinc phosphate pigment Anti-rust Pigment Zinc phosphate corrosion inhibitive pigment 

Superfine-level Zinc Phosphate

Superfine level zinc phosphate superfine zinc phosphate 1000 mesh Xinsheng 50.5% zinc phosphate for phenolic paint superfine zinc phosphate for phenolic paint zinc phosphate for water-soluble resin paint Superfine Level Zinc Phosphate Zinc Phosphate In Chemicals pigment zinc phosphate superfine 7779-90-0 paint and coating Zinc phosphate Zinc orthophosphate 1000 mesh zinc phosphate with zinc content 45% antirust pigment zinc phosphate superfine powder 7779-90-0 zinc orthophosphate 7779-90-0 superfine level zinc phosphate 1000 mesh 

50.5% Zinc Content Zinc Phosphate

50.5 zinc content zinc phosphate zinc phosphate CAS 7779-90-0 50.5 zinc content Zinc Orthophosphate 7779-90-0 50.5 Zinc Containing Zinc Phosphate Anti-corrosive Pigment weather resistant paint for metal ZINC PHOSPHATE anti-corrosive paint 50.5 ZINC CONTAINING ZINC PHOSPHATE 50.5 Zinc Containing Zinc Phosphate solvent based coatings zinc phosphate(50.5%) zinc and phosphoric acid 7779-90-0 Zinc Phosphate Series 50.5 Zinc Containing Zinc Phosphate Zinc Phosphate Series 50.5 Zinc Containing Zinc Phosphate 50.5% zinc content zinc phosphate CAS No 7779-90-0 50.5 Zinc Containing Zinc Phosphate high content zn% 50.5% zinc phosphate for oil paint 7779-90-0 

High Purity Level Zinc Phosphate

high content zinc phosphate National Standard Zinc Phosphate High Purity level Zinc Phosphate zinc orthophosphate 45%Zn content zn3 po4 zinc phosphate water paint zinc phosphate solution Purity zinc phosphate for powder coating zinc orthophosphate corrosion inhibitor high content Zn% zinc phosphate low pirce water resistant paint for metal ZINC PHOSPHATE Zinc phosphate Zinc orthophosphate Anti-rust Pigment HIGH PURITY ZINC PHOSPHATE Water Based Paint Zinc Phosphate Zinc Phosphate Coating ZInc phosphate 50.5% for anti-corrosion paint EPMC ZINC PHOSPHATE Zinc Phosphate PrimerAnti-rust Pigment HIGH PURITY ZINC PHOSPHATE Water Based Paint Zinc Phosphate Zinc Phosphate Coating HIGH PURITY ZINC PHOSPHATE zinc orthophosphate water treatment Zinc phosphate Zinc orthophosphate Anti-corrosion Pigment Anti-corrosion Pigment HIGH PURITY ZINC PHOSPHATE HIGH PURITY ZINC PHOSPHATE Water Based Paint Zinc Phosphate O-LEVEL ZINC PHOSPHATE weather resistant paint 

EPMC Level Zinc Phosphate

Low heavy metal zinc phosphate(EPMC) EPMC level zinc phosphate zinc orthophosphate white powder zinc phosphate(EPMC) for water paint and coating EPMC -LEVEL zinc phosphate epoxy zinc phosphate primer paint ZINC PHOSPHATE anti-corrosive paint Zinc orthophosphate zinc orthophosphate water BASED PIGMENT PAINT water based pigment SUPERFINE zinc orthophosphate SUPERFINE WATER BASED PIGMENT ZINC PHOSPHATE waterborne paint and coating zinc phosphate(EPMC) low heavy metal zinc phosphate Anti-corrosion Pigment EPMC ZINC PHOSPHATE EPMC ZINC PHOSPHATE Zinc Phosphate Primer Anti-rust Pigment EPMC zinc phosphate for waterproof paint zinc phosphate(EPMC) for waterproof paint and coating zinc phosphate pigments Water treatment environment-friendly zinc phosphate 99.9% powder paint EPMC zinc phosphate corrosion prevention for waterproof paint EPMC zinc phosphate 99.9% anticorrosion inhibitor with low Pb SGS 

Zinc Phosphate Tetrahydrate

water based pigment SUPERFINE LEVEL ZINC PHOSPHATE anticorrossive paint for metal Zinc Phosphate TETRAHYDRATE ZINC PHOSPHATE water based pigmnet coatings paint TETRAHYDRATE ZINC PHOSPHATE water based pigmnet coatings paint Zinc phosphate tetrahydrate Zinc orthophosphate Anti-corrosion Pigment TETRAHYDRATE ZINC PHOSPHATE Top quality Zinc phosphate(EPMC) for water based paint 

Zinc Aluminum Orthophosphate Hydrate

Zinc aluminum orthophosphate hydrate ZPA for antirust paint and coatings 

Aluminum tripolyphosphate series

Aluminum tripolyphosphate

Anti Corrosive Aluminum tripolyphosphate Common level Aluminum tripolyphosphate Triphosphoric acid aluminum salt oil paint used Aluminum Tripolyphosphate antirust pigment Aluminum tripolyphosphate formula oil paint Aluminum Tripolyphosphate 13939-25-8 Epoxy Aluminum tripolyphosphate for coating tripolyphosphate for anti corrosive paint antirust pigment primer Aluminum tripolyphosphate(EPMC) anticorrossive paint for metal Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Aluminum Tripolyphosphate aluminium orthophosphate ANTI RUST PIGMENT Anti-corrosion Pigment Aluminum Tripolyphosphate, MODIFIED ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE Zinc Aluminum Orthophosphate Hydrate Aluminum tripolyphosphate 13939-25-8 ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE Anti-corrosion Pigment ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE MODIFIED ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE WATER BASED PIGMENT Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate EPMC1 Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate2 MODIFIED ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE EPMC-II 

Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate(National Standard)

High purity Aluminum dihydrogen tripolyPhosphate Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate 13939-25-8 ATP -Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate ATP-Aluminum Tripolyphosphate 13939-25-8 Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate AlH2P3O10•2H2O 17375-35-8 Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate Monoaluminum triphosphate dihydrate primer Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate anticorrosion coatings Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate Superfine Aluminum Tripolyphosphate ANTI-RUST ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE liquid ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE POWDER High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate 13939-25-8 Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate anticorrosive pigment ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE LIQUID ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE POWDER Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate (Liquid) ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE POWDER Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE LIQUID 


Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate for paint and coating Aluminum tripolyphosphate white powder ATP of Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate EPMC Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate(EPMC-II)water based marking paint Industrial grade Aluminum Tripolyphosphate white powder anti corrosive pigments EPMC Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate 

Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate

Tripolyphosphoric acid on aluminum Modified aluminum tripoly phosphate Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate with ZNO water based paint used Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate 325 mesh for water paint Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate(EPMC II) pigment ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE Anti-rust Pigment Anti-corrosion Pigment ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate High Purity aluminium orthophosphate anticorrosive pigment anticorrosive pigment WATER BASED MODIFIED ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE MODIFIED ALUMINUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE WATER BASED PIGMENT waterborne coatings Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate pigment Modified Aluminum Tripolyphospahte water paint water paint Modified Aluminum Tripolyphospahte fine powder Aluminum tripolyphosphate with ZnO water based epoxy paint Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate(EPMC-II) anti-rust pigment 

Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate (EPMC)


Aluminum Phosphate Series

Condensed Aluminum Phosphate

Curing agent aluminum phosphate Friming agent Aluminum phosphate potassium ailicate curing agent aluminum phosphate formula Aluminum phosphate for powder coating Formula for aluminium phosphate binder curing agent of potassium silicate for refractory Condensed Aluminum Phosphate binder Aluminum Metaphosphate Condensed Aluminum Phosphate Aluminum Phosphate Aluminum Metaphosphate Potassium Silicate Curing Agent CONDENSED ALUMINUM PHOSPHATE high temperature materials binderALUMINUM METAPHOSPHATE CONDENSED ALUMINUM PHOSPHATE Aluminum Phosphate Condensed Aluminum Phosphate Aluminum Phosphate Binded Refractory High Temperature Materials Aluminum Phosphate Aluminum Phosphate 7784-30-7 potassium silicate firming agent Aluminum Phosphate 

Aluminum Metaphosphate

Aluminum metaphosphate Al(PO3)3 CAS No:13776-88-0 Aluminum metaphosphate for special optical glass heat and fire resistant materials ALUMINUM METAPHOSPHATE aluminium phosphate gel Potassium Silicate Curing Agent CONDENSED ALUMINUM PHOSPHATE Aluminum Metaphosphate white powder 13776-88-0 Optical glass Aluminum metaphosphate Aluminum Metaphosphate, Potassium Silicate Curing Agent Potassium Silicate Curing Agent ALUMINUM METAPHOSPHATE 

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Liquid

Mono Aluminum Phosphate liquid 13530-50-2 Binder Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate liquild monobasic aluminum phosphate colorless liquild Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate anticorrosive pigment Aluminum Tripolyphosphate aluminium orthophosphate ANTICORROSIVE Aluminum Phosphate Potash water glass firming agent Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate binder refractories Mono Aluminum Phosphate Viscouls water-white liquild Mono Aluminum Phosphate(MALP) ALUMINUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE LIQUID Aluminum Phosphate monobasic liquild 13530-50-2 heat resistant materials Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate Mono Aluminum Phosphate colorless liquild for refractory Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate binder for refractory Colorless liquild Mono Aluminum Phosphate as refractory binder 

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Powder

aluminum dihydrogen phosphate solution Mono aluminum phosphate powder Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate powder Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate white powder powder Mono aluminum Phosphate 13530-50-2 Mono Aluminum Phosphate powder solid for refractory Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Powder Aluminum Dihydrogen Phospahte for unshaped refractory soluble in water Fine powder Monoaluminum Phosphate for refractory 13530-50-2 Mono Aluminum phosphate powder binder White powder Monoaluminum phosphate refractory materials bricks Mono Aluminum Phosphate white powder refractory building materials Top quality Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate(EPMC-II) with best price for water paint CAS 13530-50-2 Aluminium dihydrogen phosphate Ceramic Materials Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate potassium dihydrogen phosphate aluminium tris(dihydrogen phosphate The chemistry and binding properties of aluminium phosphates alkali resistant castable refractories aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate powder Refractory casting materials Mono Aluminum Phosphate powder 13530-50-2 Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate refractory materials used in investment casting 

Anti-corrosive Pigment

Zinc Phosphate Series

ZPA Zinc phosphate with high purity Zinc Orthophosphate Zn3(PO4)2·2H2O for paint zinc phosphate for anti corrosive paint 

Aluminum Tripolyphosphate Series

Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate for water based paint Tripolyphosphate for anticorrosive paint Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate ATP-Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate antirust pigment 

High Temperature Resistant Materials Series

ATP(National Standard)

Mono basic Aluminum Tripolyphosphate 

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Series

mono aluminum phosphate 13530-50-2 binder Mono Aluminum Phosphate 13530-50-2 MONOaluminum Phosphate solution as binder in refractory Mono Aluminum Phospahte for unshaped refractory Aluminum Dihydrogen Phospahte liquild refractory materials used in furnaces 

Aluminum Phosphate Series

Condensed Aluminum phosphate 7784-30-7 curing agent-Condensed Aluminum Phosphate white powder Aluminum Phosphate firming agent of potassium silicate water glass White powder Condensed Aluminum Phosphate for low-weight refractory castable Insulating castable refractories Aluminum Phosphate 7784-30-7 white powder refractory bricks raw materials Condensed Aluminum Phosphate powder 

Binder Series

Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Series

Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate liquid Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Al(H2PO4)3 Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Liquid 

Aluminum Phosphate Series

Aluminum Phosphide Al(H2PO4)3 Aluminum Phosphate Potash water glass firming agent Aluminum Metaphosphate binder high-temperature resistance Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate (Liquid) aluminum hydroxide phosphate binder Aluminum Dihydrogen Phosphate Powder Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate binder hi-tempAir Power steam Aluminum Metaphosphate binder high-temperature resistance binder Aluminum Metaphosphate powder 13776-88-0 Special optical glass use Aluminum metaphosphate 13776-88-0 potassium silicate curing agent-Aluminum phosphate 7784-30-7 white powder Aluminum Metaphosphate for special optical glass firming agent of potassium silicate Aluminum Phosphate refractory materials 7784-30-7 

Iron Oxide Red

Iron Oxide red 101 Iron Oxide Red 130 Iron oxide red 190 Iron oxide red Iron oxide red 101 for paint 

Water Based Paint Zinc Phosphate

High purity zinc phosphate 99.9% water paint Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate low-heavy-metal LEVEL Zinc Phosphate ATP(EPMC) non toxic pigment k-white Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate(EPMC-II) kansai paint used Environment-friendly zinc phosphate 99.9% coating materials 99.9% EPMC zinc phospahte for water paint zp10 Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate for on-rust paint water pigment Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate(EPMC-II) anti-rust pigment Powder paint and coating- Modified aluminum tripolyphosphate water paint K-white 105 modified aluminum tripolyphosphate9EPMC-II) for water based paint ATP-Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate anticorrosive pigments Heat-resistant materials Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphosphate white powder water paint rust preventive pigment Modified Aluminum Tripolyphosphate(EPMC-II) 13939-25-8 

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